August 26, 2021

Mr. FoW’s Workplace Report, August 2021

2021 feels like a repeat of 2020, kind of.

Here's what I'm noticing...


✨ Some companies have pushed back their return to work transition plans due to the COVID-19 delta variant.

✨ There’s a huge exodus happening right now in the workplace due to strict workplace policies around COVID-19 and the promise of independent work. Some outlets are calling it the great resignation.

✨We’re seeing a few organizations make mandates forcing people to get vaccinated and if not, they’ll lose their employment.

This touches on personal healthcare rights and if companies should have such authority.

✨ The creator economy continues to grow. For example, Shopify and Tik-Tok recently announced a huge partnership that will make it easier for creators to sell products through Tik-Tok.

What are you noticing? Let me know! 

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