Pivoting During COVID-19

Dear Team Guide,

When Covid-19 started, I was unsure what it meant for me individually and us at Guide, our new startup.
My cofounder Tim Salau and I have pivoted our life skills based app to an enterprise solution.

We wanted our solution to tackle the future of working from anywhere.

People will be able to access byte-sized courses from the comforts of their hands anywhere.
Differentiating our content from other short entertainment content is crucial.

We want byte-sized content to be informative, fun, engaging, actionable, and accessible to people who take personal development seriously.

While that is just part of what we do best, we also took a step further to allow organizations to onboard new hires or promotions faster, as fast as ninety seconds. :)  
We want to thank those who continue to support us as we are gearing up to have the world try our solution this year.

In addition, we have supportive advisors and investors helping us grow to make better decisions for the long term.
Amid the chaos to build our startup and the pandemic, an opportunity arose to help others start their tech companies quickly at an affordable rate. So I took on that challenge, and today we are one of the top MVP development companies shipping code containers every three months.

I have put together a team of practical and creative developers from across the world to help us build future companies.
We are happy to continue to share our growth with you all.

Thanks to you all, Team Guide.

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