September 23, 2021

The Remote Paradox: Why Organization's Created Post-COVID 19 Won't Need a Location

I've been deep in thought about something lately: The Remote Paradox.

When you're a remote decentralized company with no "official" headquarters, you lose one advantage.
The advantage of proximity, a "home".

Some of the most influential companies of the last 20-30 years are notable not only because they raised millions or billions in venture funding.

It is also because of WHERE they are based and the culture of their "home" region.

A few examples:

- Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Tableau are distinctly associated with Seattle culture even though they are global entities.
- Facebook, Google, Coinbase, and Salesforce are distinctly associated with San Fransisco and "Silicon Valley" culture even though they are global entities.

Having a location your brand calls "home" can actually affect and help your brand.

This is also why a lot of big artists always believe they need to start in their hometown before going international (pop).
I personally find this remote paradox fascinating.

Especially in how it affects brands. You know?

What do you think? Is your organization affected negatively or positively by the remote paradox? 

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