Our Virtues

We lead, live, and operate by these virtues.

We Always Serve Creators

Our shareholders are our creators.
We are committed to delivering experiences that foster curiosity and growth for all creators.

We never start with "what" to build.
We start with who we are building for.

No matter what, we always start with the customer, the creators, the talent.
No matter what, always consider the customer. Our customer is the creator.

Always fight for the customer, even at the cost of our business.
We exist only to serve creators, every single day is day one.

We Are Authentic

We don’t hide our gifts, strengths, or quirks. We own our superpowers and live in our truth, every single day.

We Are Bold

We don’t budge on our mission or vision.
We challenge traditional wisdom, archaic systems, and are never afraid to speak truth to power.

We Commit to Community

We rally together when things are tough and elevate each other further when things are great.

We believe that true success happens through accountability, partnership, and belonging to something greater than yourself.
Give more than you take, reciprocate, and then share the abundance.

Our stakeholders matter.
We are Ubuntu.

We Do Simple Better

When faced with constraints, complexity, or ambiguity, prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

Focus only on what is essential.

If it doesn't add value, cut it, and be absolutely ruthless about it.

We Act With Abundance

We work with ruthless discipline, excellence, and are driven by building a better tomorrow in the present day.

We synthesize what’s possible and believe in accomplishing the impossible.

Your purpose is welcome here. Always ask, "what can we create with what we have?"

We Are Ruthlessly Curious

We channel our inner child to tackle tough problems.
We don’t take life too seriously and relish moments of fun, joy, and serendipity.

Always think beyond your limitations.
Always be learning.

Knowledge is infinite, seek it in relationships.

We Live With Entrepreneurial Energy

We are givers, connectors, and creators who aren’t afraid to fail.
We take calculated risks and adapt on the fly.

We are resourceful, whether we have or we have not.
We only question to improve, improvise, and innovate.

With grit and patience comes true abundance.

We Always Empower Creators

We love building things for people who do, the people who aren't afraid to show their work,
the people who love to build things and learn on the go.

They cherish failure as a learning opportunity, and love creating for the fulfillment of it.

We empower them in everything we do. Always.

We Assume Positive Intent

Trust isn't earned.
It's selflessly given and nurtured overtime through care, compassion, commitment, and compromise.

In good times or bad times, we trust in each other.
We listen with full transparency.

We pick each other up.
We move forward, together, no matter what.

We Lead With Gratitude

Success is fleeting and relative. Great ventures and movements are built on day one, not day two.

No matter how successful we are, we can never lose focus on our mission and our customers.
Movements are defined in decades and our movement is defined on day one, every single day.

Create your joy on day one.

We Are Owners

Owners always hold themselves accountable, for their actions and their mistakes.

They take initiative.
They seek new opportunities to improve our business, innovate, and serve our customers.

Owners don't complain.
Owners do, they lead, they guide, and involve others.

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