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Sip with us! Use “BOGO” for your first Big Black Tea bag. Go big or go home!

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Sip with us! Use “BOGO” for your first Big Black Tea bag.


Invite, onboard, & train your remote team, without friction.

Unleash your talent’s potential. Reduce training from 90 days to 90 seconds.

Empower your workers to be creators, no matter where they work or their role.

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How do we determine a creator?

We believe every single person on a team within an organization (org) is a creator, not only admins or people responsible for training and onboarding. We give licenses per creator/teammate within your org. We keep it simple.

Will my company's content be viewable to the public?

No. When you upgrade to a business license, your company's video content is only viewable to your organization. It is private and hosted in a secure domain-authenticated environment.

Where can we learn more about your road-map?

You can schedule a demo meeting with our Chairman & CEO, Tim Salau.
He will give you a personal demo and learn more about the context of your organization's needs.

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